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About Us

Community Musicians bring music to the community! We provide music sessions and workshops for adults and children alike, including those with injury, special needs, autism and learning disabilities. We are all professional musicians with a passion and enthusiasm for sharing the musical experience and passing on our knowledge and experience.  ​

Additional information

​We offer an acoustic style, based on guitar and keyboards, and sessions are vibrant, fun and very interactive.​

We like

·      To promote a service user approach, by ensuring that all are involved

·      To tailor sessions to individual groups and abilities and preferences

·      To Promote Enjoyment and fun through music

·      To promote Continuity and choice of songs

·      To ensure Flexibility and spontaneity

·      To encourage and nurture participation from individual service users

·      To introduce new music and lyrics to service users

·      To develop rhythm and movement with dance and percussion instruments

·      To encourage use of instruments such as guitar, keyboards, tambourines, maracas, recorder, microphone, drums and shakers where possible

·      To encourage creativity through song writing and lyric writing where possible

·      To incorporate communication systems through fun individual and group work which entails the use of number recognition and familiar nursery rhymes.      

.      To encourage turn-taking, articulation, vocalisation and gesticulation as much as possible.

Staff members are encouraged to participate in singing and playing instruments as well as assist in dancing and movement with the service users to create an all-inclusive experience that is fun and rewarding for everyone in the group.

Repertoire includes diverse artists such as Take That, Elvis, The Beatles, One Direction, The Kinks, Crowded House, Doris Day, Eric Clapton, Four Tops, Bill Withers, McFly, Rhiana, Oasis, Britney Spears, Queen, Don Maclean, Katie Tunstall, Bob Marley, Al Green, and many more.​

Themed workshops

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